Europe offers a rich history and varied landscape. Rolling green vistas dotted with castles give
way to majestic Alpine mountains. And while Europe's world-reknown museums offer culture and
heritage let's not forget that Europe is surrounded by water with miles of coastline and idyllic beaches.
Something for everyone.


France is a country of culture and art, medieval and port cities, tranquil villages, mountains and beaches. There's the Eiffel Tower, high fashion, gourmet cuisine, wine and so much more. France: a lesson in art-de-vivre.


The birthplace of democracy, Greece welcomes visitors with aquamarine seas and
preserved ruins. Islands, each with a distinct culture and landscape, are speckled
across the Aegean and Ionian Seas, waiting to be discovered.


Italy has it all – fabulous food and wine, no shortage of heritage, and magnificent
Mediterranean beaches. Discover an unforgetable world that blends the old and
the new effortlessly. For a memorable Italian holiday.


Portugal is a country with a fantastic coastline - not surprising it has such a
seafaring past! - with golden sands, endless dunes and stunning views.
The food is simple and delicious. The people friendly, low-key and laid-back.


Steeped in history, uniquely Sicilian, and located at the heart of the Mediterranean, the island of unrivaled beauty offers an array of sea, mountain and volcanoes conducive to a myriad of outdoor activities.


Stunning scenery, a rich historic legacy, Turkey offers a unique blend of cultures.
From the wild beauty of Cappadocia to the warm sands of the Mediterranean
beaches, without forgetting the riches of Istanbul, you'll love Turkey

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