The Caribbean

The Caribbean. The word alone conjures up images of white sandy beaches,
verdant foliage, balmy trade winds and warm blue lagoons... a tropical paradise.
A wide choice of activities for all ages makes it the perfect exotic destination.
What more need be said?

The Bahamas

It's better in the Bahamas! Or so it's said and for cause: two thousand islands and cays, stellar beaches,
clear blue waters combined with unequalled service, and Bahamian hospitality.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic offers colonial architecture and modern structures, peaks and valleys, cliffs and mangroves,
white sand beaches lined with palm trees, salsa and merengue. Add the locals' warm welcome and DR has it all!


The volcanic island of Basse-Terre, the sandy beaches of Grande-Terre, and a host of smaller islands all
offer something different but always with a hint of the islands' rich French-Caribbean culture.


Home to the "Paris of the Caribbean" as well as Mount Pelé, Martinique offers a variety of landscapes and activities.
The island's luscious scenery makes a wonderful playing field for world class water skiing and wakeboarding.

Turks & Caicos

Eight coral islands that were once home to pirates, today Turks and Caicos is a top spot for divers and snorkellers. But not only.
The islands boast small historical villages, varied landscapes and uncrowded beaches to boot!