Sun or snow, near or far: your holiday, your choice! With a choice of close to 80 Club Med resorts, whether in Europe, Asia, Africa, America or the Caribbean, you will be sure to find your dream destination.

Indian Ocean

Located between South Africa and southwest Australia, the Indian Ocean is dotted with far-flung islands.
Its favourable climate, wildly exotic beaches, sparkling emerald waters, and castaway-style lodgings are the
perfect escape from the daily. Slip into a new holiday routine: natural beauty and sublime relaxation.

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With luxury space



The Caribbean

The Caribbean. The word alone conjures up images of white sandy beaches,
verdant foliage, balmy trade winds and warm blue lagoons... a tropical paradise.
A wide choice of activities for all ages makes it the perfect exotic destination.
What more need be said?

The Alps

The highest and most extensive mountains in Europe, the Alps are, without a doubt, the ideal location for memorable skiing holidays. But not only! Beyond winter sports, the Alps offer a spectacular backdrop for summer activities, Alpine villages with traditional woodworking, cheesemaking and strong cultural identity.


Europe offers a rich history and varied landscape. Rolling green vistas dotted with castles give
way to majestic Alpine mountains. And while Europe's world-reknown museums offer culture and
heritage let's not forget that Europe is surrounded by water with miles of coastline and idyllic beaches.
Something for everyone.


The African continent is a study in contrasts offering a unique mix of the traditional and
contemporary. Arid deserts, tropical forests, expansive savannahs, vestiges of ancient
civilisations nestled in bustling capitals. Hospitality is an ancestral way of life, food is
delectably spicy, and the sun is ever present.

North & Central America

This New World stretches from the Artic Circle to the Caribbean Sea, from snow-laden resorts to sandy beachfronts with a great
variety of plant and animal life. Great civilizations such as the Mayas have left their imprint hidden amoung lush tropical forests.
There's something for everyone to explore and re-conquer.

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South America

South America is a patchwork of stunning landscapes with awe-inspiring mountain ranges, equatorial jungles, surreal deserts and
spectacular beaches. Discover the rich culture of the Incas, the biodiversity of the Amazon, the rich cultural and architectural heritage.
Captivating, seductive with a dash of Latin passion.


Asia is a region of dramatic landscapes, interspersed with vine covered temples and long-standing traditions.
Vestiges of former dynasties rival with natural wonders from tranquil crystal blue seas, to dramatic landscapes,
from sandy white beaches to snow-capped volcanoes. East meets west and zen takes all!