Asia is a region of dramatic landscapes, interspersed with vine covered temples and long-standing traditions.
Vestiges of former dynasties rival with natural wonders from tranquil crystal blue seas, to dramatic landscapes,
from sandy white beaches to snow-capped volcanoes. East meets west and zen takes all!


Since Marco Polo first travelled to China, travellers have been drawn to discover one of the world's oldest civilisations.
From the great Wall to the dramatic Guilin peaks, China will awe you as it once did the dynastic emperors.


Thousands of volcanic islands featuring tropical beaches, tigers, orangutans and other exotic wildlife, historic temples,
Balinese dancers and lush vegetation. Spellbinding wonders! And that's before we start about the beaches.


From noble Samourai warriors to delicate cherry blossoms, Japan is a richly contrasted country. Snow-capped mountains and world-class dive spots in balmy coral reefs, discover the real Japan: rich in tradition, resolutely modern.


Known for its pristine beaches and dense rainforests, Maylasia also reflects the best of its Malay, Chinese, Indian and
European influences. And then there’s the food: some of the best in the world. What are you waiting for?


Exotic and cultured, with golden Buddhist temples and tropical beaches, visitors also revel in refined cuisine and gracious hosts.
Experience Thailand's colorful sights and sounds, azure waters and endless coastline.

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