Fun for the kids, peace of mind for the parents

The prefect ski vacation!

The perfect opportunity for your kids to enjoy Ski lessons at the highest level by ESF instructors accompanied by Israeli G.Os which will translate to Hebrew throughout the lessons and help your kids organize their ski gear before the lesson

*The ski lessons in Hebrew are for kids at the age of 4-10 as part of the Mini Club

December (Hanukah)

10.12.23 Hanukah vacation*
Tignes New resort! worry free ski vacation with SKI GUARANTEE offer**
Val d'Isere New resort! worry free ski vacation with SKI GUARANTEE offer**

snowboard lessons for kids from the age of 8 (without Hebrew instructors)

on special dates during the European vacation on winter season

Snowboard lessons for children at Club Med are from the age of 12 only.
During the European vacations in the season, our ski resorts will offer snowboarding lessons for children from the age of 8 with our professional ESF instructors (without ski instructors in Hebrew) on the following dates only as part of the Mini Club Med® club***:


Resorts offer ski lessons in Hebrew for kids

With luxury space



Alpe d'Huez
Alpe d'Huez
WinterFlight included

Alpe d'Huez


General condition

*Ski lessons in Hebrew except for Competition level. The cost of ski lessons for children €235 is embodied in the price of the package shown.

**SKI Guarantee offer: At Passover (departure dates 2.4.23, 9.4.23) at Tignes, La Plagne 2100, Alpe d'Huez resorts at Hanukkah (departure date 12.10.2023) at Tignes, Val d'Isere, Alpe d'Huez resorts And on Passover (departure date April 21, 2024) at the Tignes resort, the SKI Guarantee offer will apply, meaning Club Med will reimburse the customer with 50% of the daily price of the stay (the price does not include flights and transfers and is determined by Club Med) for each day that ski lessons are not held at the resort due to Lack of sufficient amount of snow.
The decision if there will be ski/snowboard lessons will be held only by the ski school at the resort.

***Snowboard lessons for children: the lessons are intended for children aged 8 to 11 (inclusive) only. Snowboard lessons will be held on the specified dates only.
The classes take place within the normal framework of the professional training of the ESF instructors, without the accompaniment of Israeli G.Os.

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